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About the Poet

All About the Goddess
inflated ego? me? never!

Woo, this is the fun page that ends up being really outdated because i never remember to update. but i can give you the kinda at the moment part. :P im a senior, taking my mind of college stuff by playing around with this site. ^_^ most of the poetry from this year is coming from my awsome creative writing class. my most distinctive trait is prolly my everchanging hair. :D much fun stuff. yeah. aaand... lets see... my favorite band is muse right now i think, they are totally awsome, you should check them out NOW. at least one of my favorite movies is the fith element, but i also love the princess bride. books, prolly the hitchhikers guide to teh galexy series. they are just.... awsome. blah blah, i think thats pretty much it. im hungry now, so it ends. ^_^

color of the day Nov 13
Faded Blue!! ^_^

heh, thats my boyfriend and i, when i had a little longer hair. the color today is puuurple. ^_^

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