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9th Grade: '01-'02

more crayon, how i love it. ^_^ and kitty!

The pale piece of paper blows across the black asphalt,
fluttering empty wings,
 striving vainly to reach the sky,
destined to never attain its only goal,
the crippled bird tumbles across the empty plain.

My heart aches for the one I love,
Lost in the salty sea of tears
I shed for him in grief.

My body holds the memory of his touch,
My lips remember his loving kiss,
My arms, his light embraces recall.

Our lovely hall, once pride of the land,
Once graced by your royal presence,
Is now littered with unwelcome guests.

These guests who seek my hand with hunger,
Slaughter our herds with out mercy,
And consume our wine with an unceasing appetite.

How I long for the Lion that once lived here,
Stolen away by the cruel god's whims,
Leaving a weeping wife and unborn son,
With only unspoken hopes to sustain them.
As the bird
 hopped up
the small white branch
 first the lower
tense up tight
 then the wings
 to the top of the
 deserted feeding perch
So much depends
the clear plastic
 smudged with dark garden
on top of the green
So much depends
 a brown baked
glazed with sweet
beside the white
 Dread, denial, despair
 I freeze, the world slows down.
I can not think, my mind is blank, there is no sound.
I feel something in the pit of my stomach, a twinge.
 A hint of disbelief is coming to my mind, I cringe.
 The feeling is moving from my stomach up to my chest, which tightens.
My breathing quickens,I start to shack my head slowly, It lightens.
No . . . no, no, no, no, NO! This is not happening!
Im having trouble breathing. There is a hard knot in my throat, it is tightening.
 I can not swallow, I feel sick, my head is light.
My vision tunnels to darkness, black with flashes of white.
My mouth has gone dry, it tastes of metal, or blood, it cant compare.
I recognize this feeling, dread, denial,. . . despair.
From a Cats Mind
 I don't think I will ever understand you. You humans. You see me relaxing, sleeping, lounging, and your first thought is, how easy I have it. My thought is, you are too complicated. You could have it easy too, but instead, you complicate life in a never ending search for something. Anything. My only need is food. All I need is rodents, and I am satisfied. Why must you be happy? Happiness is not the goal in life, satisfaction is. When you try to find happiness, all you end up doing is realizing all the things that make you unhappy. Look at me. I dont search for knowledge, understanding, power, love. All I need is food. I pity you. All powerful beings. Helpless. Weak. Dont you see? There is no happiness. There is no love. There is no god. All there is is living. I am content. I am satisfied. I dont claim to be happy, there is no point. All I do is live. Why do you need your money, your churches, your power, your conveniences? Why do you want to know why things are, how things work? It doesnt matter. Why do you record your history? Why do you make up new worlds? Why? All that matters is the present. You could have it simple. Life is simplicity. Its living that you make complex. There is no good. There is no evil. There is no kindness, no cruelty. There is only life. I dont find pleasure in life, only satisfaction. I have lived, that is all I need. I have no regrets. To have regrets, you must contemplate the past. All that matters is the present. Memories are pointless. There is no father time. There is only now. Here. I dont think I will ever understand you.
 There it sits on my hand
 the freckle
 I wonder
why it is there
why on my hand
 why not on my arm
flip flops
 some are plastic
 others elastic
color tones
 fake flowers
 in the shower
 river wading
garden spading
 sandals sandals
 (To be said all in one breath)
 Dont eat with your mouth open
 Dont talk politics over breakfast
 Always close the refrigerator door
 Turn in homework on time
Put away your toys
 Keep your room clean
Pick-up messes
Rewind videos after you watch them
 Be careful with the china plates
Dont bother mom when she is in her room
Dont talk to dad when he is grading
 Dont interrupt
Get up when dad wakes you up
Pay attention to your teacher
Wear a helmet when you bike ride
Only one ice cream a day
Dont say mean things
Dont talk to strangers
Dont make eye contact with homeless people
Dont show your teeth when you smile at people on the street.
Do you ever think about them
Wonder what they are like
You were his mother in a way
Her parent
And we took them
You never saw them grow up
 Now they are our children
Our kittens
I wish you could see them
 Like I see them
 click. flash! she stirs, stretching luxuriously, flipping over.
he twitches, the flash of light annoying, like the bite of a flea.
 she blinks. lids rise to reveal blue. ear flick, waving away sleep.
the hand strokes brown velvet. his paw flexes, claws dig into soft cloth.
silly light flashing through my lids.
strange object emitting sun.
 pointless noise.
disturbing rest.
leave me to my nap!
sleep. . .
warmth. . .
sleep is good.
Haiku Series
 Molten metal sun,
 radiating heart blood warmth,
hanging in heaven.
Trees arms raised, reaching,
glowing with energy, light,
 green new life reborn.
Moon wakes as dark falls,
 to flood the land in silver,
sister to our star.
Now glowing softly,
oaks limbs bowing to the night,
waits for golden day.
Light or Night?
Once said a wise man,
Dark and light, bad and good, are not different but one and the same.
At the center of the sphere of light, trapped in glass,
there always lingers a spot of black.
Stare too long at the fire,
and soon shadows arise.
When lids close out the world, sealing it in darkness,
dancing still against the void are sparks of white light.
Its night, the sky is black,
yet littered with streamers of stars.
Gaze too long at the sun, the fountain of all light,
and the world will be dusk for the rest of eternity.
Inseparable as a mother and child,
one cannot exist without the other.
Desert Tree
Branches streaching for the sky,
to pull down the clouds,
pleading for life, denying death.
Roots plunging beneath the surface,
cringing from the sun,
striving to hold the crumbling dust together.
Leaves curled in, hiding within themselves,
from the mercless heat.

she killed her husband(boyfriend?) w/ a pick axe. O_O bad karla.

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