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11th Grade: '03-'04

crayon, dolphins, yay!

cat in box
hiding in her cave
waiting to spring on her
unsuspecting victim
the helpless bow sits
among the piles of discarded paper
it will not keep
it's solitary vigil much longer
she will keep it company

lying so still
faint rise and fall
betraying life
in gentle breath

Flying with My Feet Tied Down
my roots run deep
invisible under my skin
in the paths of my veins they creep
in the depths of my heart they spin
my wings strech high, they soar
they lift me from my sorrow
with the pounding of blood
in a life-sweeping flood
the try to pull free from my soul
the currents and eddies they lift me
the wind whistles by oh so swiftly
the sweet earth holds me down by my toes
roots bind my mind tight as it grows
a long battle between the two
pulling this way and that
can there ever be peace?
will the strife never cease?
the safe comfort of the home
sweet freedom of the unknown
for peace of mind
one must strive to find
a balence between the two
for who wishes to live without
the warm embrace of the family?
but what is life all about
if kept from living it freely?

(this poem was published in the christan youth magazine, with. my first published poem ever ^_^)

as i sit here on my bed
time keeps flowing through my hea
i try and try to slow it down
it whispers by with a soft sound

i strive to hold on to your face
it slips away without a trace
the rooms so empty without you
my heart is dark though skys are blue

why did you love me
why would you leave me
how can i keep you
i never want to leave you

your picture lying on my chair
sunlight in your soft brown hair
green eyes bright with hidden laughter
memories make my breath grow faster

though i see you with my eyes
my mind is dark with hidden lies
what could i ever hope to gain
nothings worth this terrible pain

why did you love me
why would you leave me
how can i keep you
i never want to leave you

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