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5th Grade: '97-'98

fun watercolor. bird. yup.

What do you want for a pet?
A horse or a bat,
a dog or a cat,
a cute little hamster with a teeny weenie hat?
OK! OK! Dont act like a brat,
Ill just get you a rat!


Fat Cat
Fat cat, fat cat,
just sitting on a mat cat,
doing just nothing cat.
Look, theres a rat!
Hey, where did the rat go?
Full cat, full cat ,
just liking her paws cat.
Snakes are slithery and slimy too!
If you look you might find one in your shoe!
They live in fields and woods and under logs,
and sometimes in big slimy bogs.
Snakes are creepy and crawly too,
but if you dont bother them, they wont bother you!
The Mallard
As the mallard spreads his dress coat wings,
his green cap glistens and his white neck tie shines.
Then all of the sudden,
he disappears under the silvery water
The The Wind in the Trees
As the wind whistles
through the trees, they bend and do
whatever it wants.
The Winter
During the winter,
When the land sparkles with snow,
It is wonderfull
The Desert Morning
When the morning comes,
the sun shines like liquid gold.
The desert wakes up.

colors. heh. crayon. lots of it. 2003.
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