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This is my ubercool site (and i wont hear anything that says its not) where i have posted alllll my glorious poetry, or at least what i can find. it is even all new and improved (meaning i have finally gotten around to updating). you can read my poetry and look at my beautimus art. ^_^ see, its family fun for everyone!

For awhile, i was working on another tripod site for my art, but tripod ticked me off and that kinda died. Fortionatly, i have discovered the joys of Deviant Art. here, i have posted all my art, and i attempt to keep it fairly up to date. Mean while, all the art on this site is now mine, instead of stuff i ripped off other poor souls. :P

oh and, SIGN THE GUEST BOOK MONKEY!!! yesh. im done now.


11/1/04-Yay, i am much happy about the changes. have done alot of updating, re-aranging, getting rid of old stuff, and most fun, putting up all MY OWN ART!! yay. ^_^
10/31/04-Woot, got alot done (mostly when i was supposed to be working on my paper... :P but 11th and 12th are up now, plus some general reformating. fun stuff.
10/30/04-Haha, you can smack me for being a bad girl... its been over a year since I have touched this site. I gave up when it wouldnt let me put up pics. But I'm updating! I am going to add 12th grade poetry first, since I have alot of it, then later I will try to dig up some from 11th.
6/14/03-I went through and updated everything, adding some poems I had found. I put pictures in the 10th grade, and some animated pictures cuz their just fun!
5/6/03-Whoo hoo! I am proud, I have done some work. I got my 10th grade poetry up. I will post my art once I manage to work my scanner! :)
4/17/03- Now I feel really bad. Hi havent worked on here for a looooooooooong time. -_- Well, I've got big plans. I am going to fix up the old poetry, add some new, and I am hoping to add a page that has some of my art work on it..
12/28/02- Havent worked on it in a long time, I've been really busy with schoolwork. Today I added some more pictures..
8/14/02- Today I added in two more poems that people sent me. Also I've been doing work on about the poetry.
6/30/02- Mainly I have been putting in alot of pictures. I hope you like them. If I ever get acces to a scanner I'll put up my own artwork.
5/28/02- I've been up for a week!  I have been editing the text, and I added the Contact me page.  Still working on About the poetry.

5/21/02 - Just published my site!  Not finished yet, but how do you like it?

dont forget the

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