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Posted Poetry


Do you want to taste true pain?

Or do you want to stay boringly sane?
So help me up and kick me down,
Love the pain and help me drown.

Do it,
Earn me,
Love me,
Burn me,
Its all a love-hate thing.

Do you want to find out?
Or do you want to take the easy route?
The grass is greener on the other side,
So come with me, well run and hide.

Do it,
Loose me,
Love me,
Use me,
Its all a love-hate thing,

Can you remember what you lived for?
Do you even want to do this anymore?
Would you return to Eden if you could?
Do you hate me? You know you should.

Do it
Hear me
Love me
Fear me
Its all a love-hate thing.

Dont do this out of spite,
The lights are always far to bright.
Everything looks very flat,
I didnt paint it black it came like that.

Do it
Make me
Love me
Break me
Its all a love hate thing.

Do you see whats really there,
Or do you only see what you dare.
Ill stop my tears,
You quiet your fears,

Do it
Dare me
Love me
Tear me
Its all a love-hate thing.
They call us sick and maybe we are,
But what can we do, weve come this far.
We thought it was hope.
But maybe its just a downward slope.

Do it
Create me,
Love me,
Hate me,
Its all a love hate thing.

I tell everyone else what they want to hear,
Nothing I say is ever sincere.
Pull the trigger. Dont look back,
Smile as everything turns slowly black.

Do it,
Kill me,
Love me,
Thrill me,
Its all a love-hate thing,


It's unbelievable,

yet undeniable,

the pain I feel inside.


The life that walks within me,

the fear I try to hide.


The lives that were lost,

the sorrow that was found.


We will not break,

we will not fall.


We are strong,


we are one,


we are many.


We are the United States.


-Mica (about sep. 11)

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He falls across the rocks, not
moving for a few frightening moments.


He clutches at his neck , as if
he cant breath, but he is only feeling for the Ring.


How can one circlet of gold devour
a person as it has done to him? He will become a slave to it. style='font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:14.0pt'>

I try to help, but he has grown
angry, growling at me to stay away.


For the first time I cant help
him, I cant save him. I realize that now. No matter how many times I try, in
the end he must save himself.


But I know I have helped. I gave
him love and courage and friendship. He taught me things, and in turn, so did
I. I followed him to the end and back, and now we have parted on separate


He was so angry near the end,
when he fought Gollum for the Ring. I wept for him, because I could not
understand the evil, how so much rage and hate could come from such a person as


But now it is over. I have a
family, no more adventures, except those confined to my pages. In the end I found
that it was that Shire that held my true future. I was never worldly like
Frodo, going off on quests and learning the languages of old. style='font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:14.0pt'>


I have found scars. We all have
them, marks from the pain we endured, and the people we have lost. But Frodos
are far to deep, haunting his dreams. And so he must go.


Waiting by the ship, that sails
flapping about in the wind, we embraced for the last time. All the pain and
love and lessons we had shared meeting together in our closeness. I was no
longer his servant, as I had always thought. I was his friend. style='font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:14.0pt'>


He is gone across the sea,
departing with the wise to heal. I knew that he would leave me someday. style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:14.0pt'>

-Tish style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-font-kerning:14.0pt'>

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