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The Sea of Silver Light: Art by Sarah Marie

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Meh, at the time, Tripod is being a donkey, and wont let me upload any pictures, therefore I can't put my art up, which is the whole purpose of this site!!!! arrg. Well, feel free to look at what I do have.

Hi! I'm Sarah Marie. This is a website where I posted all my favorite art that I have done in the past few years. I hope that you enjoy looking through it, and take away something interesting from seeing it. The reason I post online is so many people can enjoy (hopefully ^_^) my art, and so more people will comment. PLEASE feel free to e-mail me with your comments!! (I need the attention!)

If you like my stuff, or even if you dont, feel free to check out my other website, The Ocean of Song which is a collection of my poetry. Please sign my guestbook and or e-mail me with any input!

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This a cartoon a friend did of me, though i must admit it is rather flattering. ^_^

Thanx for taking the time to look through my stuff! I would love to hear any questions or comments, so feel free to contact me!

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