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7th Grade: '99-'00

another watercolor from 2004

A dragons fiery breath,
Scales of burnished gold,
 Diamond crusted belly,
 Oldest of the old.
Lurking in the darkness,
Guarding the treasure hoard,
Never coming out,
This secret serpentine lord.
Playing in the grass, like an invisible kitten.
Batting at the long grass stems.
 She sweeps up to the tops of the aspens,
Making their leaves quiver in fear.
She blows on the water,
Watching the ripples, and then chases a leaf,
 High up in the air.
She comes to a mountain,that will not budge,
 Angry, she blows and blows.
 Shaking the trees, ripping the flowers,
Then flaunted, pretends nothing happen,
And swirls away.
Ranting, raving, slashing, slaying,
She rises from the stormy sea.
 Twirling, whirling, mass of destruction,
Riding on a chariot of foam, drawn by horses of spray.

Red, Black, Blue
Red blood, Black blood,
filled with pain.
Blue against Black,
Black against Blue.
Never to see again,
never to hear agin,
never to love again.
Sparkaling clear,
agianst Blue-Black.
Red stains the ground,
forever painfilled.

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